LinkedIn Post – July 2022

In the eighties when we were dating my wife experienced for the first time Bruster’s Real Ice Cream which began near my hometown. It’s was December, 22 degrees, and snowing. But I had to have Bruster’s coming back to the Valley. So we did. Her response – wow this is the best ice cream. I shared then that one day I was going to have my own. Well we married, we had two daughters and never found the right time to jump in. We kept the dream alive but we were concerned, comfortable in life and careers. Then we decided to step out together. So today I do not own a Bruster’s but WE as partners own three and find ourselves growing.

Joel and LeAnne Smart, Bruster’s Multi-Unit Franchisees – Virginia

Voted recently after just two years best ice cream in Loudoun County Virginia. Wow humbling to say the least.


Learnings. Don’t hesitate jump in if you believe in the product. Have courage you can do this.

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