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The Bruster’s Discovery Process

We understand the thought of stepping out of your normal day-to-day routine to begin your entrepreneurial journey isn’t easy. Our goal is to ensure we provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

This is not a sales pitch. Instead, our discovery process is designed to help you evaluate the Buster’s franchise opportunity, clarify expectations and answer questions. Together, we determine whether Bruster’s is a good mutual fit before moving forward.

We want you to be fully prepared and excited to join our family!
Leverage Your Experience!
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Six Easy Steps
Step 1: Get the Scoop

Introductions and pre-qualification
Company history
Set discovery process expectations
Determine viability both financially and geographically
Submit Confidential Questionnaire (PDF download)

Step 2: Franchise Disclosure Document Review

Review the Franchise Disclosure Document with us
What is it?
What does it provide?
Why is it important?

Step 3: Program Discovery

A. New Store Opening
Trade area discussion
Site selection
Store construction

B. Operations
Team bios
Ongoing support

C. Marketing
Brand personality
Grand opening
National program
Local initiatives
Loyalty program
Ongoing support

Step 4: Validation

Speak with existing franchisees
Evaluate lifestyle compatibility
Complete background checks
Submit franchise application

Step 5: Meet The Team – Pittsburgh, PA

Meet the CEO & Executive Team
Tour the first Bruster’s store
Executive team approval

Step 6: Award Franchise

Sign franchise agreement
Collect fees
Site selection begins

Become a franchisee - Step 1
Request Information, Introduction, and Pre-qualification
Become a franchisee - Step 2

Franchise Program Review: New Store Opening, Operations, Marketing

Become a franchisee - Step 3

Franchise Disclosure Document Review

Become a franchisee - Step 4
Franchisee Validation
Become a franchisee - Step 5
Meet The Team – Pittsburgh, PA
Become a franchisee - Step 6
Award Franchise
Deliver Excellence!
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Jim Sahene - Bruster's CEO
Jim Sahene, Bruster's CEO

Bruster’s Is One Sweet Business
...Learn Why From Our CEO!

If you are curious about living the ice cream dream, there is no person better qualified to give you insight.

Please join us for a special 1-hour conference call with Jim Sahene, Bruster’s CEO.

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*Disclaimer- This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Any offer to sell a franchise will be made after individuals have completed an application and been qualified to receive a Franchise Disclosure Document. For those individuals who qualify, an offer to sell the franchise will only be made in conjunction with the delivery of a current Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Franchise Disclosure Document. Other qualifications apply when determining whether you will be offered a Bruster’s franchise. You may request confidential information from Bruster’s by phone, mail or by submitting your contact information through this site. 724-312-8739 | © 2020 Bruster’s Limited Partnership. All rights reserved.